11. FestFoto - International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre

8 to 12 of May 2018


FestFoto Brazil 2017 Call for Entry - Winners and Finalists

The international jury of the FestFoto 2017 Call for Entry  analyzed 113 entries from 18 countries and selected the 20 finalists. The winners, both from the Portfolio Category, are Roberto Fernandez Ibañez from Uruguay and Alain Schroeder from Belgium. Both receive tickets and lodging to participate in the Festfoto 10 Years and also a Free Passport for  International Portfolio Reviews Platform 2017. In this edition none of the works enrolled in the Multimedia Category was classified among the 20 finalists. Therefore, at the suggestion of the jury, FestFoto's coordination kept the two prizes of the Call for the most voted works in Portfolio Category, by Roberto Fernendez and Alain Schroeder. See below the list of 20 finalists who join the winners and will have their work exhibited at the FestFoto 10 years projections show.

Congratulations to the winners and finalists!

1. Place Portfolio Category:

Roberto Fernandez Ibañez - Uruguay

Alain Schroeder - Belgium



Jenia Fridlyand - US

Alexey Shlyk - Belgium

Sebastian Lopez - Argentina

Mathieu Willcocks - UK

Christian Sinibaldi - UK

Ivan Padovani - Brazil

Anna Shustikova - Russia

Messay Shoakena - US

Olga Stefatou - Greece

Michel Kirch - France

Anja Engelske - Germany

Daniel Moreira - Brazil

Antonello Veneri (Italy) - Brazil

Miho Kajioca - Japan

Ana Helena Lima - Brazil

Lucas Gibson - Brazil

Tari Beroszi - Puerto Rico

Pablo Alvarenga - Uruguay

International Jury

Daniel Sosa - Uruguay

Director of CDF - Centro de Fotografia de Montevideo

Sujong Song - Seoul South Korea - Co-founder and

co-director of

Seoul Lunar Photo

Steven Evans - US

Director of FotoFest International / Houston

Ihiro Hayami  - Tokio  Japão. Director of Photography Institute of Tokio e organizer of Internacional Festival of Photography of Tokio

Elda Harrington - Argentina

Founder and Director of Encuentros Abiertos de Buenos Aires - Festival de La Luz

Alasdair Foster

Sidney - Australia

International Curator working in London, Barcelona, Seul, Tailand

Jim Casper - Amsterdan


Editor Chefe do


Pio Figueiroa - São Paulo

Photographer and movie diretor. Editor of blog Icônica and  Latin American magazine

Sueño de la Razón

Financing Sponsor

Internacional Supportes