11. FestFoto - International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre

8 to 12 of May 2018


FestFoto has a basic programing that remains in all editions: Projections programs called Brazilian Contemporary Photography, International Dialogues and Free Photogram. Encounters with the author, Portfolio reviews and the International Forum of Photography Books.
BRAZILIAN CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY Every edition, the Curator Board invites twenty names in contemporary Brazilian photography that are producing works related directly to the edition's theme and in many different languages. The photographic works are displayed in multimedia projections in video format on a projection room specially created for the Brazilian Contemporary Photography with continuous projections, every day of the festival. INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE Projections of invited photographers and names selected from the portfolio reviews taken by the general coordinator of FestFoto at other festivals in Latin America, Europe and the United States and the works are displayed in a special projection room for the International Dialogues. FREE PHOTOGRAM is the window of opportunity to expose in the festival's projections. Photographers worldwide are selected through a Call for Entry and a panel of experts invited by the festival to juror especially to define the final twenty names. Among the twenty selected, three names are elected the best and besides entering the edition, the three ones are automatically included in the next edition of the festival. ENCOUNTERS WITH THE AUTHOR Since its first edition in 2007, FestFoto already brought to Porto Alegre most of the major names in contemporary Brazilian photography and major international names to show their works through audio-visual presentations, with the projection of photos and the opportunity to dialogue directly with the public in an intimate format that breaks the distance between the photographer and the audience,, the meetings with the author is one of the main events of the festival. PORTFOLIO REVIEWS Since it's 4th edition of the festival in 2010, FestFoto invested in organizing portfolio reviews with the main objective of giving the Brazilian photographer and by extension the South American photographer, the opportunity to network and gain international visibility in contact direct with curators, gallery owners, festival directors and museums, critics, researchers and photography collectors. FestFoto's Portfolio reviews already made 20 Brazilian photographers to found an international showcase and had their works have been show, incorporated into collections of American and European museums, which resulted in a real boost in their careers. INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS With the new paths and photography experiments in contemporary art, photography books have gained greater significance in the careers of photographers no longer representing a compilation or an retrospective of work but a visual experience with new proposal narratives. Each edition of the festival, one aspect of the production and publication of photography books are addressed and photographers and authors are invited to submit their publications and interact with the public.
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