11. FestFoto - International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre

8 to 12 of May 2018



    EDITIONS     2007    2008    2009    2010    2011   2012    2013/2014

2008    The second edition of the festival, paid tribute to the photographer Claudia Andujar and consolidated multimedia projections as the main programing of the festival. Brazilians and international artists participated in the projections sections Brazilian Contemporary Photography and International Dialogues. The international guested name was honored Uruguayan photographer Aurelio Salcedo and his photos of the dicitationship time in Uruguay that remained hidden in a wall and recovered  after 20 years. The 2008 edition of  FestFoto had a strong presence of photojournalism, documentary photography and focused on social issues. The highlighted lecture of the festival was given by Claudia Andujar and her  work about the Yanomami Brazilian  amazonian group made on 70's on the border of Brazil and Venezuela. The contemporary local photography panel presented the works of Fernando Bueno, Luiz Abreu, Jacqueline Joner, Eneida Serrano and Rui Varela.

2007   The first edition of FestFoto had as special guest the Swiss photographer Martine Frank, of Magnum Agency and president of Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation. Martine made  a lecture exhibiting his work in the projection format. By that time, Magnum in Motion, the digital version of the legendary agency, already existed and in support of the festival sent seven projections of the main agency names who were working in Latin America. It was also in 2007 that the festival began a show of local photography, inviting Brazilian photographers Luiz Carlos Felizardo, Leopoldo Plentz, Luiz Eduardo Achutti, and Fernanda Chemale. The festival took place in three venues: Stúdio Clio, Santander Cultural and PF Gastal cinema theater at Usina do Gasômetro Cultural Center.  We completed the programing with evening outdoors projetions at  porch of Usina do Gasômetro, creating a new cultural event in the summer of Porto Alegre.

2010   First time held at Santander Cultural, the fourth edition of the festival, with the theme "The Third edge of the photo's time ... the territory of photography," explored the photography experience in the arena of contemporary art. A diagonal interaction created within the exhibition space made a dialogue proposal with the projection rooms "Henri Cartier-Bresson" and "Helio Oiticica. Oiticia's projection room was curated by Brazilian Coletive of photography Cia de Foto. The honored photographer was Thomaz Farkas and his exhibition was the result of a partnership with Instituto Moreira Sales. FestFoto invited the photographer Jacqueline Joner to curate the new photography of  Rio Grande do Sul with names that have sprouted and today are consolidated on the national scene as Tiago Coelho, Fernando Schmiit, Leticia Lampert, Denise Helfestein . It was also the year in which the Free Photogram projectiosn highlighted the names of José Diniz, Renata Massetti, Alexander Severo, Priscilla Buhr and Ana Lira, now consolidated on the national scene. Invited by Cia de Foto, a video by Breno Rotatori became the official video-clip.

2009    Working with the theme Humanism and Reality and honoring the Brazilian photographer Luis Humberto, the third edition of FestFoto also brought to Porto Alegre Magnum's French photographer Marc Riboud who participated in two tables projecting his work built into the Magnum Agency. An specific panel about  May 68 events in France and Brazil was composed by Marc Riboud and Brazilian photographer Evandro Teixeira. Unable to attend the festival for health reasons, Luis Humberto was honored with a table presented by the photographer Leopoldo Plentz and the Brazilian curator and researcher Rubens Fernandes Júnior, member of the trustee board of FestFoto. The festival also received a meeting of Latin American Photography Festivals Network.

2012   The Collective Experience was the theme of the 6th edition and honored the Brazilian photographer Nair Benedicto with an anthology of her work on a exhibition and a photo book. The festival also presented a rescue of the work of independent agencies of photographers in Brazil of the 70s and 80s, exhibiting the work of F4, Agil, Angular, Focontexto and Vix agencies. Images of the People Agency, created by the Favelas Observatory Project in the community of Maré in Rio de Janeiro, attended the festival displaying the production of  its photographers and lauching the the photo book Images of People. In round=tables, names like Juca Martins, Rogério Medeiros, Ricardo Chaves, and also the Brazilian photographer  winner of the Prix Robert Cappa with his work on the civil war in Libya. In the projections programing International Dialogues festfoto shoewd names that was selected from the portfolio reviews held in FotoFest/Houston in 2012. Free Photogram projections programing incorporated for the first time international names.

2011    With the theme "The Family - social relationships, memory and citizenship" but moving away from the nuclear family idea and exploring the cultural universe and territorial experiences, FestFoto made its fifth edition, honoring the Brazilian southern photographer Luiz Carlos Felizardo with a retrospective exhibition and a book covering all stages of his career, becoming a reference work in Brazilian contemporary photography. The fifth edition marked a strong presence of Mercosur photographers, with works in several languages, as well as the participation of new generations of contemporary Brazilian photography, as Pedro David and João Castilho. It was the edition that consolidated FestFoto Library which received more than 200 photo books in donations that came from photographers, publishers and bookstores. It was also the year in which FestFoto received Lelia Salgado to speak of her  work and the curating the work of Sebastião Salgado and Henri Cartier-Bresson. The portfolio reviews selected Leopoldo Plentz, Luiz Abreu and Tiago Coelho as winners of the grants for FotoFest/Houston and Encuentros Abiertos de Buenos Aires portfolio reviews respectively.

2013/2014     The seventh edition explored the theme "Black and White"  but not literally. The idea was to show contrasts and halftones on culture, politics and society. It was the edition that showed the images of the July 2013 street protests in Brazil with the work of the Midia Ninja, the independent photographers network of photojournalism in Brazil. It was the edition that honored the Brazilian Southern photographer Ricardo Chaves with the exhibition  "The Power of Time at Xico Stockinger gallery at Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, showing the both sides of his career as a photographer and as photo editor in many major Brazilian press. FestFoto also brought to Porto Alegre, the exhibiton Genesis, of Sebastião Salgado, curated by Lelia Salgado, held at Usina do Gasômetro Cultural Center. The exhibition was visited by 221 thousand people and more than three thousand public school students during the the Educational Program with guided visits. The lecture of Sebastião Salgado, held in the auditorium of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, received about three thousand people. Genesis broke all attendance records in Porto Alegre.



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