11. FestFoto - International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre

8 to 12 of May 2018


Festfoto 2016 Portfolio Reviews  awards are for Fábio Del Re


"FotoFest International is extremely pleased to announce that it is continuing its scholarship program with the FestFoto Porto Alegre portfolio review. Artist Fabio Del Ré is the scholarship recipient, seen at the 2016 FestFoto review, will receive support to attend the FotoFest International Meeting Place portfolio review in Houston in 2018."


Frederick Baldwin and Wendy Watriss, FotoFest Co-Founders

Steven Evans, FotoFest Executive Director



Brazilian photographer get his  passport's stamp on the international circuit of portfolio reviews with invitation to Houston and Buenos Aires


The Board of Curators of FotoFest (Houston) and Encuentros Abiertos (Buenos Aires) indicated Brazilian photographer Fábio Del Re to receive the already traditional award of FestFoto Porto Alegre Portfolio Reviews, in it's 2016 edition. The award means an opportunity to present his work at two of the most important events of the international photography circuit.

The scholarship is an initiative of FestFoto Porto Alegre in partnership with festivals that are part of the Festival of Light circuit (FOL) and encourages the participation of photographers to present their works in Porto Alegre. The winner receive an invitation that allows he/she to go without registration fee to the portfolio reviews in both events. With the award, Fabio Del Re should participate in the 2018 editions of FotoFest/Houston in the United States and Encuentros Abiertos in Argentina.

For the coordination of FestFoto, the award to Fábio Del Re is the realization of one of the main objectives of the festival towards the consolidation of the International Platform of Portfolio Reviews in Brazil as an opportunity to exchange, professional development and access to the international circuit of photography. In 2016, more than 40 professionals presented their work to 17 experts from eight countries. Among them, curators, gallery owners, critics, photographers and producers involved in making major photography events around the world.

The work presented by Del Re in FestFoto 2016 and that guaranteed the prize was the Morandi Series, inspired by the work of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi. Morandi is a reference for its technical precision and development of the concept of so-called still-lfe. Impacted by a show of the Italian painter, Fabio explored photo persistent forms of memories that seem familiar. Interested to the photographer the relationship between objects and background, the volumes, the layers of paint and the presence of manual labor.

The work was guided by his delight in finding and translating his feeling about the work of the painter. In the process of creation, set the scene working with light, shapes and volumes. Tested negative, he clicked, edited, returned to shoot for a series of high output images with compositions of objects that do not immediately reveal. Shuffle scales, textures and times causing the displacement of the eyes of those who see.


Fábio is surrounded by photograph since childhood. His father's photographing and organizing albums and cameras have always been his inseparable companions. At age of 20, he decided to seriously consider the activity. He attended courses in Boston and bought the first Leica. Upon returning to Brazil, he plunged into the world with the picture combining an intense fundraising activity to taste the laboratory. This junction marks his professional profile, as transits contemporary photography from a solid command of the fundamentals of analog photography craft, a fact that makes him a professional admired by different generations of professionals.


See below Fabio Del Re's work - Morandi Serie

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