FestFoto Brazil Call 2021 announces the TOP 20 finalists

Thiago Guimarães Azevedo, from Belém/Brazil, with the work “Where dreams hide,” is the winner of the Portfolio Category.

Madame Pagu, from São Paulo based in Italy, with the work 3 x 4, is the winner of the Multimedia Category.

Both win the Free Passport prize for the FestFoto Brazil 2021 Portfolio Reviews.

See the list of the TOP 20 finalists that will be part of the Free Photogram Program of FestFoto Brazil 2021.

Thiago Guimarães Azevedo (Brazil) – Where dreams are hidden
Madame Pagu (Italy) – 3 x 4 (Multimedia)

Ana Sabiá (Brazil) – PATIENCE GAME
Valeria Sacchetti (Italy) – Journey to the Lowlands
Helena Siemsen Giestas (Brazil) – Quebrada (Multimedia)
Tommaso Vitiello (Italy) – ARCHÈO
Sonia Do Couto Corrêa (Brazil) – The pain of the pandemic
Bruno Alencastro (Brazil) – Obs.cu.ra
Márcia Charnizon (Brazil) – Hunting for Words
Mateus Morbeck (Brazil) – GUARDIANS (Multimedia)
Flavio Edreira (Brazil) – Placebo
Ulla Czekus (Brazil) – Surroundings
Igor Moura (Brazil) – No day will be the same (Multimedia)
José Roberto Bassul (Brazil) – Urbe
Fernanda Chemale (Brazil) – Diary of Memories
Renata Saad (Brazil) – Women in pink and blue
Laura Aidar (Brazil) – Crossing and Constellation
Marina Guitti (Brazil) – “Emerge” Submission
Mateus Morbeck (Brazil) – NEMO NON VIDET ”
Nathalie Bohm (Brazil) – Voice of silence

Congratulations to all!